Terms and Condition


A booking will be confirmed by us after the deposit of 40% is received in our bank accounts. 
A deposit of 40% for your stay is required for your booking a lodge safari and/or Mountain climb, and for those doing a camping safari a 200$ NON REFUNDABLE per Person is required for their confirmation of the safari service. The balance can be made a month before arrival or upon arrival in Tanzania. Payment should be made in United States Dollars only.


If your booking is not made more than 30 days prior to your proposed tour, safari or climb date you will be required to pay in cash in US Dollars, this is due to length of time it takes to transfer funds to East Africa or even sometimes bad routings which may sometimes take long to correct. Because of our exchange rules in Tanzania, any one paying their balance or any payment type of service, we require that payments must be made in notes printed in the year starting from 2006 or later in the dominations of 100USD and 50USD only if we did not mention any smaller amount in quotation.


If you are willing to pay your balance by wiring, this is payable not less than a month or 30 days prior to the start of any of your proposed program(s). Payments will be invoiced in either Euro or USD within 3 working days on which you wish to pay your final balance.

When arranging the wire transfer please arrange with your bank to take effect to the transfers so that to arrive to our bank accounts free of bank charges, correspondent bank charges, conversion fees or the remittance fees.