Mahale National Park

Mahale really is one of the most unique safari destinations in Africa. Located in the far west of the country Mahale lies on the shores of Lake Tanganyika and would stake its claim as one of the most exceptional destinations on the continent. Mahale is home to the best chimpanzee viewing in Africa and a host of activities that make this a destination in it own right. This remote national park also has one of the most beautiful camps anywhere in Africa and a Tanzania safari experience to take your breath away. When you have been in the industry for as long as we have there are a few places in Africa which are talked about as the very best places on the continent. The Schoeman’s Skeleton Coast Safaris, Serra Cafema, Chiawa and Old Mondoro in the Lower Zambezi, Mwaleshi and Kutandala in North Luangwa and Greystoke, Mahale. Mahale is not just a chimpanzee destination, Mahale has an absurdly good beach with gin clear waters; and the park itself would stake its claim as one of the most interesting destinations in Africa.
We have never had a client not see the chimps at Mahale. Depending on the time of year that you travel however, trekking for the chimps can take between one hour, and the majority of a strenuous day! The later you go in the season the easier the viewing gets as the chimps move down the mountains in search of food. August to October is the best and easiest time of year to see them. Clearly though chimps have a mind of their own and estimates for how long the walks take are just that. What is certain is that you are only permitted one hour with the chimps when you find them. Chimps are the main attraction however there are plenty of other smaller primate species, birding is very good and the hippos and crocodiles are always close! Leopard often come and visit but you need to be very lucky to get a sighting. 

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